Adding an alert to Students

Adding an Alert to Students

Schools can add various alerts to students.
Important Note:
Legal Alerts: Should only be used for situations where the child's safety is concerned.
Medical Alerts: Should only be used for life-threatening health conditions.

  1.  In the School view, click the Student top tab.

  2. Check the box beside the student that requires an alert. 

  3. Click the Details side tab to the blue hyperlink of the student name. 

  4. Click the Alerts sub-tab.

  5. Click the Add button beside the type of alert being entered to generate a Student Alert entry window. 
    1. Sequence: If more than one alert of this type is entered, the sequence number can be used to have one appear above the other when the icon is clicked. 
    2. Description: Enter the details of the alert. 
    3. Start Date and End Date: Only populate these fields if the alert should appear and disappear on these dates. For example, a temporary arrangement where the student is staying with a relative while the parents are away. 

      6. Click Save to create the alert icon for the student. The example here is a Legal alert. 

  1. Entering a Medical alert will generate a red caduceous icon to indicate the health condition is life-threatening. 
  2. Entering an alert type of Other will generate the icon selected by the user from the Icon drop-down when the details are entered. 
To delete an alert, simply check the box beside the alert to be deleted, and click the  button below that section. Click Save to make the deletion permanent. 

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