Adding Report Card Classes to Students

Adding Report Card Classes to a Student

When a new student is registered, they will need to have report card classes assigned, as well as their homeroom. 

1. In the School view, click the Student top tab.
2. Check the box beside the student that requires report card classes. 

3. Click the Schedule side tab, then the Workspace sub-side tab. If the screen looks like a grid, look in the upper right corner for the link and click it. 

4. In the Student Schedule portion of the screen, click the Select button to generate the Schedule Master Pick List.
      a. Grade Level filter: set to the grade level that matches the student.
      b. Teacher column header: click to sort by the teacher.
      c. Course column: check the box beside all the course sections the student requires. 
      d. Click OK to populate the student schedule with the selected course sections. 

5. Click the Post button to make the schedule selections permanent. 
Students will not appear in the teacher's list for report cards if Post is not clicked.

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