Assigning an Additional Teacher to a Class

Assigning an Additional Teacher to a Class

Where more than one teacher needs access to classes, an additional teacher can be assigned to the class. 

1. In the School view, click the Schedule top tab. 

2. Click the Master side tab, if not already selected. A list of all the sections (classes) in the school will appear. 

3. Check the box beside the section that needs an additional teacher assigned. 

4. Click the Roster leaf (under the Sections side tab)

5. In the new window, the name of the primary teacher for the class will appear. In the Options menu, click Add. A New Schedule Master Teacher screen will appear. 
      a. Name: Use the  icon to select the necessary additional teacher.
      b. Schedule Term > Code: Use the  icon to select the term code assigned to this section (S1, S2, FY, etc).
      c. Role: Use the drop-down menu to select Co-Teach.
      d. Gradebook access?: Check this box if the additional teacher needs to be able to see and enter grades for the students. 
      e. Click Save

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