Entering Addresses in MSS

Entering Addresses in MSS

It is important that addresses are entered using Canada Post address standards. Section 4 of "Canada Post Addressing Guidelines" provides the appropriate abbreviations for street type, direction and unit type. https://www.canadapost.ca/tools/pg/manual/PGaddress-e.pdf

  1. Addresses are found in 3 places:
    1. Student top tab > Details side tab > Addresses sub-tab
    2. Contacts side tab > Addresses sub-tab
    3. Staff top tab > Details side tab

  2. Click the Address sub-top tab for whom the address is being entered. In the Physical Address side:
    1. Street Address: Begin typing the street address into the field. Click the icon to search the database for the address just typed in. This is critical to ensuring multiple address records are not created in the database.

      If the address comes up in the picklist, click the radio button to select it and click OK. All address components will populate, including city, province, and postal code. 

    2. If it does not come up, continue creating a new address record. Click the validate address icon -  - at the end of the Street Address field. This will generate a pop-up window. Click Validate to ensure the address components fall into their proper fields. Click OK, if everything is in its proper place. 

    3. Populate the City Prov PC field using Canada Post standards. Click the validate address icon -  - at the end of the City Prov PC field. Click Validate to ensure that the address components fall into their proper fields. Click OK, if everything is in its proper place. 
    4. Land Location can be entered in the land location fields if applicable to the student.

  3. In the Mailing Address fields.
    1. Click the Is Identical? checkbox if the mailing address is the same as the physical address. 
    2. If the mailing address is different, leave the Is Identical? box unchecked and populate the mailing address fields. 

  4. Click Save on the Addresses screen. 

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