linking siblings in MSS

How to Link Siblings


You have a student who is not linked to their siblings in MSS


Go to the Student top tab > Student Profile for relevant student > Contacts side tab > Related Students sub-tab > Add from the options menu > select student and assign relationship > Save and repeat process on each sibling's record

Siblings can be connected to each other in MSS. The process requires that 2 records exist for each connected sibling.

 1. In the School view, click the Student top tab, open relevant student profile

 2. Click the Contacts side tab

 3. Click the Related Students sub-side tab

 4. In the Options menu, click Add

5. In the New Related Student window, populate the fields as follows:

 Name: Use the  icon to generate the student pick list for the school. Search for the name of the sibling to be attached to this student and click OK.


 Relationship: Use the drop-down menu to select Sibling

 Click Save

6. Go to the other sibling’s record and repeat Step 1-5.  When the siblings are properly connected, the name of the sibling will appear twice for each student. 

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