Setting up parent profile for portal access

How to Set Up Parents for Portal Access

Parent Profile

The parent profile needs to have the following information filled in:

  1. Emergency Priority Level

  2. Legal First and Last Names

  3. Relationship

  4. Phone Number

  5. Preferred Email

  6. Check the box for Portal Access

Email addresses need to be valid
for the parent to receive their login
Phone numbers need to be entered
accurately with a 3 digit prefix
(i.e. 306)
to properly save the record

Find Parents That Don't Have Portal Access

Student Top Tab > All Active Students (from filter menu) > Parent Portal Access Info (from Field set menu) > Click two times on the field name called "1st Contact > PortalAccess"

Once you have done the steps given above you will see all the N’s and Y’s sorted.
N means the parent does not have portal access. Y means the parent has portal access.

If you click on the "1st Contact > Name" link, it will take you to the student details page. From there, click on the Contacts side tab and you will be able to edit the parent contact information by clicking on the parent's priority number link.  

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