Logging In, Setting Preferences, and Logging Off

Logging In and Setting Preferences

Logging In

When logging in as a student or staff member, use the AASP link. 
Logging in to MySchoolSask/MonÉcoleSask is expected to be through single-sign-on for the division.

Setting Preferences

When logged in, click the down arrow beside your name (upper right corner) and select Set Preferences > General tab > set preferences as appropriate

A:      Default Locale - Set this to Canada so that the date will display in Canadian format
B:      Default View - A user will usually only have one option here unless they have more than one view assigned to their username.
                     I. School users (clerical, administrators, counsellors, etc) should default to School.
                     II. Teachers should default to Staff.                                                    
C:      Default School - If a user is attached to more than one school, they can use the  icon to select which school the system should display automatically at log in. After logging in, the Select School menu can be used to change schools. 
D:      Auto-Save Interval (minutes) - This number reflects the number of minutes that will go by before the system will try to auto-save the information displayed on the screen.
E:      Disable User-Defined Help - This should be unchecked so help icons set up throughout the system will appear for the user to click on for more information.
F:      Records per page - This allows the user to set the number of records in a list that will be seen on one screen before needing to navigate to another page. This setting must be between 5 and 35.
G:      Show lower page controls - Checking this box will show the page selector box at the bottom of the screen as well as the top. 
H:      Warn on Save - Check this box so the system will warn you that you are saving records when clicking the  icon in the Modify List function. 
I:      Click OK to save changes. 

Logging Off

When logging out, use the Log Off item in the settings bar. 

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