Managing Student Demographics

Managing Student Demographics

Once a student has been enrolled in the school, student demographics must be updated according to the enrollment form completed by the parent
1. In the School view, click the Student top tab. 
2. Click the Details side tab to open the student's demographic screens. 

  1. Demographics sub-top tab: Records basic demographic information about the student, including their photo, homeroom information and grade.
Note that all students must have a Calendar populated in order for attendance to be recorded.
  1. Extended Demographics sub-top tab: Records additional information about the student that schools can track, such as legal document validation and immersion type (if applicable).

  2. Citizenship: Records citizenship information and tuition status as indicated upon enrollment and confirmed by legal documentation. 

  3. Indigenous Declaration: Records Indigenous type and relevant information declared on enrollment. 

  4. Permissions: Records Release of information and various other permissions for internet use, leaving the grounds, etc.

  5. Bussing: Records bus route information, if applicable to the student.

  6. Addresses: Records physical and mailing addresses for the student.

  7. Alerts: Records legal alerts, life-threatening medical conditions, non-life threatening medical conditions and other information alerts. 

  8. Programs: Records programs the student participates in, relevant to the delivery of their education.

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