Navigating MySchoolSask

Navigating MySchoolSask

Levels of Information

There are many different ways to move from one area to another, or one record to another, in MySchoolSask. This document will address the most common tools.
Some users may see different top tabs and side tabs than others. What a user has access to is determined by the security role assigned to the individual user.

Top Tabs

Top tabs identify the area of the application being viewed. Top tabs can be used to determine the type of data that will be displayed in that area when the top tab is clicked on. For example, the School top tab has school set-up information, the Student top tab contains student information, the Attendance top tab contains attendance information, etc. 

Pages Top Tab

Displays information and outages and other messages from the provincial service team.

Side Tabs

Side tabs are displayed on the left-hand side of the screen when a specific top tab is selected. The side tabs presented are different, depending on the topic of the top tab selected.

Sub-Side Tabs

Within each side tab, more topics related to that side tab may be presented. Sub-side tabs will contain information related to the topic of the side tab selected.
Within a sub-side tab, the details of an individual record may be displayed in a leaf. In the screenshot below, the Details leaf is displayed below the Class Attendance sub-side tab. 

Sub-Top Tabs

Similar to sub-side tabs, there are occasions where additional information will be presented as a sub-top tab within a side tab. A good example of this is when the Details side tab is selected within the Student top tab.

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