Print Deploy add Optional Printers

Print Deploy add Optional Printers

In the taskbar, locate the white printer icon for Papercut Print Deploy Client and right click it.
Select " View my printers"

The PaperCut Print Deploy Client will show you all of your currently installed printers (if any).
Shown below, we don't have any installed yet.
Select " Add printers" on the left side to list all available printers.

Locate the printer(s) you would like o add and press " Install"

After a few moments, on the " My printers" tab we now see the newly installed printers.
PaperCut will remember which printers you previously installed, so this process only needs to be done once.

To remove a printer, simply click on the trash can.

You can now close the window and go about your printing normally.
You may have to select the desired printer in the application's print dialog box the first time you use it.

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