Searching Records and Viewing Data

Searching Records and Viewing Data

Searching Records and Viewing Data

There are a variety of tools used for searching records in MySchoolSask.

Search Field      

The search field appears in the menu bar of every screen in MSS. Entering criteria and clicking the  icon will instruct the system to find a record with that criteria. 
Tip: To change the type of information that the search field looks for, click a column header in the field set displayed on the screen.

Page Selector      

The Page selector acts like a dictionary, presenting a range of data on each page. The drop-down menu displays the first record of each page and the forward and back arrows allow the user to move forward or back, one page at a time. 

Record Navigation Bar      

The record navigation bar allows the user to continue to the next record, without leaving the details of the current record. The user may move to the next, the first, or the last record in the list, using this tool.
In some areas of MSS, the record navigation bar also allows the user to select a new student using the  icon.


Filters appear throughout MSS to assist the user in selecting groups of records that have something in common. For example, all students in a particular grade level or homeroom. Filters are dynamic and will retrieve the latest information in the system that meets the criteria of the query behind the filter. 

Field Sets      

Field sets present different fields of information on the records selected using the tools above. Depending on the task being done, field sets can be very useful for viewing specific information about records without running a report. 
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