Secure Print

Secure Print

Utilizing Secure Print on Printers and Copiers

I want to send confidential documents to the printer/copier and release the print job with a passcode.
Secure Print is only supported on Windows devices. It is not available on Chromebooks.

If you are trying to print from your web browser, please follow the steps below.
If you are trying to print from a desktop application such as Word or Adobe Reader, you can skip to Step 3.

1. From the Print Window, click on More Settings

2. From the More Settings Menu, click on Print Using System Dialog

4. From the Print Preferences Menu, select Secure Print from the Job Type drop down

5. Enter a passcode on the Secure Print Popup and then confirm it in the second field

6. The passcode that was entered will now be required to release the print job at the printer/copier

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