Merging Duplicate Parent Contacts

Merging Duplicate Parent Contacts

The steps to follow for merging contacts are below:
1. In Division view navigate to > Division TT > Contacts ST
2. Options > Merge Contacts
3. A merge wizard will open, select the magnifying glass beside Name in the Primary area.
4. Search for one of the duplicates with the most up to date date, this should be the primary. Enter at least Legal Last Name and Legal First Name to refine search results. Press Ok.
5. Select the magnifying glass beside Name in the Duplicate area.
6. Search for the other duplicate(s) they will be the duplicate record. Press Ok.
7. Press the Next button.
8. Step 2 will list the types of information each record has, if they both a phone number the primary record's number will be kept.

When the contacts are all merged they do keep the relationship with each student they have the same. For example, if you have a contact Joe Smith, and he is a parent to one student and a billet to another student, when the record is merged he will still have the relationship of parent with the correct student and the relationship of billet with the other student.

Erin (Ministry - 9001443)
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