No student account.

Student account is Missing from Windows/Google

All Students require a LID entered into MSS for account creation.

All student accounts are created the day after their information (including LID) is entered into MSS. If the students account is not logging into a windows machine or chromebook it is likely that the account has not been created yet. The most important pieces of information required for account creation is a school, first and last name, and the students Learning ID. Without specifically the LID they cannot be made an account. 

Details For Nerds

Once a students information has been entered into MSS

  1. Every night at 5:30PM a list of all students is exported to our integration servers.
  2. From there it is processed by a script that extracts the important information, moves them if needed, and creates accounts in our system.
  3. The accounts are created using the LID as a unique identifier in order to always have some way to identify the student, even if a name change occurs. 
  4. The above allows for dynamic name changes of emails and usernames with no major impacts.
  5. Once the account is created in our system, another script syncs our system accounts with Office 365 and Google to make sure the accounts are the same across the board. 
  6. The OMs of the school receive an email with all the changes and the passwords for the new student accounts. 

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